While a conventional massage therapy might focus on tight muscles deep below your skin, lymphatic drainage massage focuses on the lymphatic system, just below the surface. Your body’s lymphatic system carries waste (like dead cells, bacteria, and fluid) and helps it drain and leave the body.
Reduces swelling Reduces pain Removes cellular debris (i.e. dead blood cells from tissues) Reverses build-up of toxins secondary to effects of post-op medication Stimulates fluid circulation Aids in reduction of healing time Improves skin regeneration and wound healing Speeds up healing process. For example, you might book a massage two weeks after surgery, including liposuction, to help reduce swelling and scarring. Because the therapists use light pressure, it will not be too painful (but let them know before they start)
The sooner you start your drainage the better. We normally recommend having the first drainage 24hours after the surgery as MLD is gentle enough and drastically reduces the appearance of bruises, swelling, stiffness, burn shooting pain, scars, lumps, bums and soreness that often occurs after the surgery. Treatment postoperatively can begin as soon as 24hrs after surgery. Pre surgery 1-3 sessions; Post surgery 2-12 sessions. Sessions may be paid for individually, or in discounted packages of 5.
Firstly you complete your medical form follow by the initial consultation were you therapist will assess the type of surgery and stage of the surgery, any open drainages, bruises, inflammation to determinate the best way to perform the drainage. Gentle, rotating, pumping motions will be applied with hands.

Usually the entire session is performed with you lying in the face-up position because all of the areas of lymph nodes that need to be de-congested are located on the front of the body, although some surgeries do require the patient to turn side to side, sit up or face down for a short time if tolerated.
The first week we suggested one session daily or every other day, as it helps significantly with the inflammation and the elimination of fluids. The second week, every other day, follow by maintenance one per month for the next 5 months for better results. Patients who get multiple procedures at the same time (lipo and a tummy tuck, or liposuction and a buttock enhancement; Brazilian Butt Lift) may need more sessions than someone who only gets one procedure.
All sessions are 45 mins to an hour long. You will not be charge if your session goes over 45 mins.
Stay hydrated!! Drink plenty of water before and after your massage. This helps flush away toxins or acids that come to the surface during your massage. Avoid alcoholic, sugary, and caffeinated drinks.
To book a massage you may go to our website or you may http://www.immaculatelyflawless.com send a request to info@immaculatelyflawless.com
Every massage package over 3 massages is required a non-refundable $150.00 deposit. All payments can be made by

PayPal: http://www.paypal.me/immaculatelyflaw561

Zelle: 561-318-2714 or CashApp: 561-803-5881
You are able to cancel your appointment 24 hours prior to your scheduled time via email or phone call to 1-833-465-0225. You agree to abide by a 24-hour cancellation notice for any scheduled treatment. You understand that you may be charged up to the full amount of service for missed appointments or for any cancellations with less than a 24-hour notice. (Cancellation policy is also under the client form tab)
Mobile services are available for a fee and the max of five mobile visits. (Clients who want mobile services only, please contact Sophia at: sophiab@immaculatelyflawless.com)
Yes, we do offer virtual consultations for clients. You will be able to book your virtual consultation via the website.
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